Technical facility management

we Facilities Management can make all necessary arrangements for the operational and electro-mechanical smooth running of facilities and can man any premises with an on-site technical staff on a 24 hour basis all-round the year. Our team is supported by the necessary back office technical resources.

House Keeping.


FrontDesk/ BackDesk management

Office Automation.

Testing of Network Connectivity & NW Switches.

The skills of specialists, whose multi-disciplinary skills (in mechanical, electrical, operation & maintenance, communication and management domains) and familiarity with all the process and equipment allow them to: manage and adjust the installations in order to obtain the desired performance.

adjust the installations in order to obtain the desired performance; Maintain the system in order to preserve equipment in good working conditions and prevent any interruption in the operation of the any services.

Optimise the technical and economic aspects of the system by managing the consumption of consumables, energy, and minimise major breakdowns, thus in the interest of all the clients.