Electrical Project

We provide system design, supply, install, testing & commissioning of the above systems.We provide maintenance service, repair as well as replacement of spare parts. We do provide Maintenance Contract to our customers on yearly basis.We put in our best effort to help the customers to reduce their system down time and thus increase their productivities.

We do electrical panel design & installation with AMC(Annual Maintenance Control)

We do supply, installation, testing, commissioning of UPS, inverter, transformers, motor ,Dg Sets.

We are expertise to do industrial electrification with cost effective measures.

We supply all electrical material(like LED tube light, flood light ,switchgears , cables, wire etc )

Design, Construction and Installation Electrical Distribution systems and panels

Design , supply installation of energy conservation panel like APFC, Control , VFD Panels

Upgrading of existing Electrical and HVAC system

Installation and termination of cable trays & HT/LT Cable laying.

We offer Design and Electrical Services with latest technology for LV & HV panels.

DG Set & AMF Panel Integration & Installation with AMC.

installation Of Data Cables We are specialized providers of high affordable and reliable Cable Laying Solution Our services constitute laying of cables in buildings, industrial complexes and also over large distances.

Electrical control panel

Control panel found in factories to monitor and control machines or production lines and in such as nucler power plants,ships and mainframe computers.

Our company is also engaged in providing fabrication of Electrical Panels as per the application with performance guarantee.

We also takes contracts of industrial wiring and maintenance of electrical machines.

Supply of HT and LT distrubution,MCC,PCC panels.

Network Project

A Network is defined as a group of two or more computer systems linked together. A Network allows sharing of network and computing resources.

We do server to desktop system design & integration.

Patch panel, POE, patch card, cat6 cable

Supply of network material like connecters , switches , ports etc

Network rack dressing and network rack assembling

Networking consultancy

Network Design and Engineering

Our structured cabling uses star topology and in the middle of it lies the main hub (switchboard, patch panels, active elements, etc.) that serves all the connected network sockets with different types of devices, such as computers, printers, CCTV elements or telephones.